DVDs by Deborah Walker Keegan

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Faculty:  Deborah Walker Keegan and Elizabeth Woodcock

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Innovative Staffing for the Medical Practice

60 minutes 

Create the “right” care team for your medical practice – one that is current with today’s delivery system and one that optimizes provider productivity, efficiency, practice profitability, staff recruitment, and patient value. Based on her recent book Innovative Staffing for the Medical Practice, national healthcare consultant and best-selling author Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan presents tools and techniques to help you answer two vital questions: 1. Do you have the right staff? and 2. Are the staff doing the right things?


Physician Transition Plans: Planning for Physician Slowdown and Part-time Status  
45 minutes

One of your physicians wants to go part-time or take less call. What should you do? Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan shares strategies to help you develop a transition plan now – hopefully before you need it and before a dangerous precedent has been set in your medical practice! Discover the step-by-step plan for transition development so that you can determine the “best” arrangement for your medical practice!


The Physician Billing Process: Avoiding Potholes in the Road to Getting Paid
60 minutes  

You need to collect every dollar that is due to your practice! Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan shares best-practice strategies and practical steps you can take now to optimize your revenue cycle. If you are interested in optimizing revenue for your practice, you do not want to miss this session! Based on her co-authored, best-selling book The Physician Billing Process: 12 Potholes to Avoid in the Road to Getting Paid, Deborah shares strategy after strategy to help you improve your bottom line!


Telephone Management: Manage Your Telephones Before They Manage You!
30 minutes

Telephones are ringing off the hook in most medical practices! Learn how to measure, staff and manage your telephones in this fast-paced session by Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan that is based on her co-authored book, It’s Your Call:  Mastering the Telephones in Your Medical Practice.  The telephones are a vital lifeline to your practice yet they are often a source of frustration by patients and staff alike. Attend this session to make sure you are effectively managing the telephones before they manage you! 

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