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The Physician Billing Process:  Navigating Potholes on the Road to Getting Paid

Authors:  Deborah Walker Keegan and Elizabeth W. Woodcock

Consumer-directed healthcare, reimbursement reform and delivery system reform impact the revenue cycle of the medical practices. In this book we provide advanced practices, tools, resources and action plans so that you can ensure that your practice’s revenue cycle is functioning on all cylinders, leaving no stone unturned as you optimize revenue cycle performance.  In each chapter of the book, we outline the steps you can take to ensure that your medical practice minimizes or altogether avoids the potholes on the journey to getting paid.  

Innovative Staffing for the Medical Practice

Author:  Deborah Walker Keegan

Do you have the right staff? And Are they doing the right things?

This book helps you create the “right” care team for your medical practice – one that is current with today’s delivery system and one that optimized provider productivity and efficiency, practice profitability, staff recruitment and retention, and patient value.  This book presents tools and techniques to help you redesign work processes and staff these processes for optimal performance.  Discover inventive strategies to create care teams and flexible staffing models, and to staff for virtual medicine, medical homes and care outreach.

It’s Your Call:  Mastering the Telephones in Your Medical Practice

Authors:  Elizabeth W. Woodcock and Deborah Walker Keegan

This book gives you the tools you need to take charge of your telephones so you can optimize patient access.  We discuss how to measure, manage, staff and improve your telephones and provide the tools to help your staff be optimally effective.  We provide performance expectations for telephone access to the practice.  In this book we share strategies to help your practice prepare for mixed-channel communication with patients, such as texting, email and online patient portal and to determine whether you need a consolidated call center to manage your inbound telephone demand.

Physician Compensations Plans:  State-of-the-Art Strategies

Authors:  Bruce A. Johnson and Deborah Walker Keegan

This book provides a detailed blueprint to guide the physician compensation plan development and implementation process in any medical practice.  In Part 1, we share a methodology to permit medical practices to determine whether or not they need a new compensation plan and present a 12-step process for compensation planning.  Compensation plan structures, plan dimensions and industry trends are presented in Part II of the book, where we also discuss special issues in compensation planning including base salary determination and how to create and measure rewards for non-clinical production, such as value-based care involving quality and cost measures.  In Part III we share examples of compensation plans by organization type, to include physician-owned practices, hospital-affiliated and hospital employed physicians, and academic practices.